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Meet our upgraded Peristaltic Pump. The fluid contacts only the interior of the flexible tube and thus avoids contamination from the pump or damage to the pump. TTE. The peristaltic pump is a self-priming water pump.

The Alexis® compact peristaltic pump can either run on its self-contained internal 30 amp AGM battery or plug it into a 120-volt electric socket. Watson-Marlow accurate, low maintenance peristaltic dosing and metering pumps. 6 Basic configuration of Peristaltic Pump.

Choose from a broad range of universal pumps and manual pumps over laboratory vacuum pumps to peristaltic pumps. s series peristaltic pump installation and maintenance manual peristaltic metering pumps since 1957 to be installed and maintained by properly trained professional installer only. The pump can deliver a pump pressure of 3 bar (thus also suitable for use with in-line filters) and an underpressure maximum of 1 bar. The microprocessor provides adjustable constant speed, overload protection and various external control functions.

read manual & labels for all safety information & instructions. The micropro- cessor ensures a constant yet adjustable rate of revolutions, protection against overload and a number of external control functions. Click to view, download or save the file to your documents in your account. Sinusoidal pumps - how they work. To place the pump into service: 1. DIAGENODE DOUBLE HEAD PERISTALTIC PUMP USER MANUAL Equipment Components Component Comments Quantity 1 & 2 Double head peristaltic pump - 2 3 Plastic Nozzle Connector - 2x2 4 Tie Wraps - 10 4 Small Tie Wraps - 4 5 Sturdy Tubing Inner diameter: 6,35 mm Outer diameter: 9,25 mm PharMed - BPT Life time expected 1,000 hours 2 pieces.

This battery-operated pump is primarily intended for taking groundwater samples. Masterflex™ L/S. The peristaltic pump is a self-priming water pump. Peristaltic pump 12 VDC Advanced. Mount up to 2 MASTERFLEX I/P EASY-LOAD or Standard Pump Heads or 1 MASTERFLEX High-Performance I/P Pump Head. Let us present you: our upgraded peristaltic pump. A built in maintenance-free 12 Volt lithium-ion battery makes it possible to use the pump for two to five hours at a. The pump used is a simple, but very durable, peristaltic pump with three pressure rollers.

The hand-operated peristaltic pump is fitted with a handle with bearings that operates very light. View the complete range of Eijkelkamp and order directly via the Eijkelkamp webshop. 9230 Globe Center Drive Suite 110 Morrisville, NC 27560. Product code: 12. Even when the pump is out of use the pump tube (4) is completely pressed to a close by at least one roller.

Eijkelkamp - Model 12. PublicationRev-D Harvard Peristaltic Pump Series User’s Manual. Product description This peristaltic pump, specially designed for use in the field, is battery powered and microprocessor controlled. It is a selfpriming pump. This manual will act as a guide for operating the pump. A peristaltic pump is a type of positive displacement pump used for pumping a variety eijkelkamp peristaltic pump manual of fluids, particularly clean, sterile or aggressive fluids. Brochure peristaltic pump 12 VDC Advanced.

The bearings of the drive shaft and the pressure rollers are waterresistant. The Geopump arrives packed in a hard-shell peristaltic pump carry case with the pump head properly attached to the pump (purchased separately). The microprocessor enables an adjustable constant number of revolutions (which can be stored in memory), protection against overload and various modes of external control. to 8,000 litre/hour and handling pressures of up to 7 bar (100 psi). The stainless steel monopod stand has been fitted with a press-down rim that allows you to press the stand into the soil easily for support. Membrane keypads control. Using the hand-operated peristaltic pump water can be pumped from a depth of up to 9.

The all new Compact Peristaltic Pump from Eijkelkamp Soil & Water. D, E) Adapter is attached to the silicone tubing and connected with the tubing of the peristaltic pump. Watson-Marlow Pumps offers the widest range of peristaltic pumps, capable of handling flows from 0.

Exclusive charger. The switch panel is laid out clearly and the switches are provided both with text and logical markers. CHEM-FEED® Skid – Single; CHEM-FEED® Skid – Duplex; Flex-Pro® Product Comparison The Alexis® only weighs 37 pounds making this peristaltic pump lightweight and extremely durable. The pump can deliver a pump pressure of 3 bar and an underpressure maximum of 1 bar. Simple to install, easy to use. Eijkelkamp Soil & Water NijverheidsstraatEM Giesbeek. 23 - Hand Operated Peristaltic Pump - Manual Eijkelkamp - Extraction of Soil Solution With Suction Cups - Manual Eijkelkamp - Submersible eijkelkamp peristaltic pump manual Pump - Manual.

With a contemporary design, a stable pump speed over the entire range, a constant flow rate between 50 ml. The control switches are so-called membrane key-pads which have a palpable instant eijkelkamp peristaltic pump manual of engagement. Masterflex MASTERFLEX® I/P Digital Peristaltic Pump Drives Operating Manual 1-1 Application Solutions Section 1 Introduction The Digital Drive controls the speed of MASTERFLEX® I/P Pump Heads to provide flow rates from 0.

Peristaltic pump standard 12 Vdc, specially suited for use in the field, micro-processor controlled, with 3 memory functions for fixed rates of revolution, start-stop system. With a contemporary design, a stable pump speed over the entire range, a constant flow rate between 50 ml and ml, and a battery indicator, this digitally driven pump is greatly improved compared with the previous pump and is compatible with your existing equipment, such as sounding apparatus and flow through cells. Strong IP64 housing.

General Description. com 1 LAMBDA PRECIFLOW Peristaltic Pump – Tubing Pump The LAMBDA peristaltic pumps have been developed for continuous cultures as the result of over twenty years of laboratory experience and involved the systematic elimination of the. Inclusive built-in battery 12 V. pdf Verderflex__INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS VP2 PH RX OX_INT_English_Manual. Designed for the Field Technician in mind!

M-2 Metering Pump; M-3 Metering Pump; M-4 Metering Pump; Diaphragm Pumps. See Section 8 on available pump parts. It is a self-priming pump. The pump can be operated at an adjustable speed, allowing water sampling at very low flow rates, but also at higher flow rates of up to approximately two litres per minute. Using the peristaltic pump The peristaltic pump can be used for fluidsas well as for gasses. Verderflex VP Manuals. Verderflex__INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS VP1_INT_English_Manual. The Verderflex Dura MK III 5-35 range of peristaltic pumps have been developed according to the latest technology and subject to continuous quality control.

On that item&39;s details page, find the Resources section (as shown in the image below). The Peri-Star Pro peristaltic pump. Applications: Environmental soil research. An advanced, powerful, microprocessor-controlled pump designed for use in the field.

6hfwlrq 6&92;vwhp &39;hvfulswlrq )xqfwlrq dqg 7khru&92; 7kh *hrwhfk 6hulhv, dqg,, 3hulvwdowlf 3xpsv *hrsxps duh ghvljqhg iru vlqjoh dqg pxowl vwdjh suhvvxuh ydfxxp sxpslqj ri oltxlgv iru ilhog ru oderudwru&92; xvh 6lqfh wkh. 7 Power cord connection of peristaltic pump. Peristaltic Pumps. Eijkelkamp Digitally Controlled Peristaltic Pump, 12 VDC Advanced This peristaltic pump suitable for field use is battery powered and microprocessor controlled. This peristaltic pump suitable for field use (item no. The pump speed range for both models is 4-400 rpm. First, search for the item you want an instruction manual for. 5 Assembly of the peristaltic pump.

Manual peristaltic pump 12 VDC Advanced. Industry Field Shenchen Peristaltic Pump can be used for transferring viscous liuqid and liquid with fine particle, no need washing. FlexiPump ® is a range of peristaltic pumps eijkelkamp for culture media preparation.

Manual flow-through cell. The rugged Pelican™ 1430 case enclosure is made of impact and corrosion resistant ABS plastic to. Its speed and precision guarantee an efficient sample preparation. Rollers or shoes in a peristaltic pump compress the tube or hose as they rotate, creating a vacuum which draws fluid through the tube. Industrial peristaltic pumps - how they work. It is easy to maintain and clean. Eijkelkamp North America Inc.

LAMBDA PRECIFLOW Peristaltic Pump Operation MANUAL www. These Pump Systems are ETL and CE certified. These operating instructions are eijkelkamp peristaltic pump manual intended to facilitate familiarisation with the pump and its designed use.

This peristaltic pump suitable for use in the field is battery-powered and microprocessor controlled. Fluid and gas can not flowback. 1 M-1225E Peristaltic pump 12 Vdc standard Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Nijverheidsstraat 30 NL-6987 EM Giesbeek TE The operation of the peristaltic pump takes place by means of the switches on the front panel. : 1235) is battery-powered and is microprocessor controlled. CHEM-FEED® Skid – Single; CHEM-FEED® Skid – Duplex; Flex-Pro® Product Comparison. There is no contamination of the pump or fluid and they are ideal for viscous and shear-sensitive fluids. MC-2 Diaphragm Pump; MC-3 Diaphragm Pump; CHEM-FEED® Skid Systems.

A, B, C) Placement of the plastic tubing (Norprene tubing 6-4mm) around the rotor. Quick Guide 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW TO USE THE HARVARD PERISTALTIC PUMP. Remove the pump from the case and verify the pump is switched to “OFF” (red, open circle) 2. Pricing & Availability; 13. Battery-powered with start-stop system and membrane keypad control with constant but adjustable revolution rate, protection against overload and a number of external control functions.

Title: Description: Download: MCP-CPF Process: Operating Manual, PDF-File: Download (1300K): REGLO CPF Digital Version with Settings Menu : Operating Manual, PDF-File. Great tool for serial dispensing of culture media, agar or any liquid diluant, it is compact, has an intuitive interface and great ergonomics. Peristaltic Pump widely used in laboratory: Cell culture media, chromatography, waster water treatment, chemical reagents, filtration process, etc.

Eijkelkamp peristaltic pump manual

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